Afternoon of 5000s

Mary Peters, Belfast

North Belfast Harriers are pleased to announce that our Afternoon of 5000s event will return to Mary Peters Belfast on Saturday the 22rd April 2023. Building on the success of our 2022 and 2021 events, we plan to improve both the athlete and spectator experience and create a superb day of athletics here in Belfast. To get first access to all developments please subscribe below.

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Latest news

15th Dec – Entry to the event will be later than in previous revisions of the event. Last year we experienced a considerable amount of dropouts and no shows which we believe is due to the lengthy period of time between entering the event and the event itself. Athletes pick up injuries or plans change and that is understandable so to reduce this “churn” we will open the event for entry roughly eight weeks beforehand. If you were a previous entry or a member of our subscribers list (see above) you will get an advanced notice and priority entry for a small period of time before we open it up to everyone.

Our Vision

We want to help raise athletic standards in 5,000m track running across the UK and Ireland.

We hope our event provides a stepping stone to greater things, be that a qualifying time to compete in subsequent IMC or BMC meets or the qualifying time to compete in European and/or Commonwealth championships.

For others we want to provide a meet that will allow them to get best out of themselves combined with an event that their family, friends and loved ones will enjoy attending in person or watching live on our interactive and entertaining Livestream.

Ultimately we would like to emulate those glory days of the 80s and 90s at Mary Peters when thousands of spectators lined the banks of the natural amphitheatre and witnessed some of the best athletes in the world compete head to head.

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